Health for office folks

So you sit in a chair all day.  And you don’t get much exercise.  And your back is starting to bother you.  You are in serious need of a health make over.  Try taking 5 minutes every hour to walk around let your body stretch.  But you should really do no less than 20 minutes of walking per day.  Not slow walking but a brisk quick walk.  Even 10 minutes to work and 10 minutes home every day will make a huge difference.  The ideal would be more than that but it will help.  you have to do core training if you want to prevent the back pain.  Sitting in a chair or driving a car all day weakens your core muscles and this eventually translates into back pain.


Tips for Tech Guys

Are you spending too much time online.  Hours working online can be a real issue for your health.  If you want to go healthy we want to try to convince you to buy one of our Juice machines.  Not just any juice machine but a slow juicer.  So what makes this better?  It’s easy to clean just one part that you can basically rinse off after using.  The slow juicing process extracts 40% more liquid than other types of juicing.  but most important because it goes slow it retains the maximum amount of vitamins and if you use cold fruits and vegetables your juice will be cold and ready to drink.  Or you can store it in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours before you start losing nutrients.